Heraklion Port

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Heraklion Port

Heraklion Port is the biggest sea gate in Crete and one of the bigger in Greece. It is separated in two parts, the new commercial and the old Venetian Port.

The commercial port is also divided in two parts. In the first part dock the ferries of the domestic lines and various cruise ships, as long as with small excursion hydrojet vessels (during summer period). The second part of the commercial port is only for cargo and container ships and is a restricted area. These two parts together with a small dry dock for fishing boats and small yachts complete the commercial port area.

 The Venetian harbour is the place where small fishing boats dock. Located just beyond the marina with the yachts and pleasure crafts the Venetian Port is protected by the watchful eye of the imposing fortress Koules. From Koules begins the jetty which the locals love to walk and especially on warm summer evenings.

Rent Car Heraklion Port

Is a popular choice the last few years to visitors coming from Santorini ot the other Aegean Islands and like to spend a few days in Crete. Avoiding the long transfers by tourist busses or the long lines in taxi transfers visitors have the chance to have their own Rent Car Heraklion Port by gorentacar.gr cheap, easy and with zero waiting time.  

Car Rental Heraklion Port

Sail & Drive Heraklion Port allows guest to pick the reserved car without any extra cost no matter the arrival time of his ferry. To achieve the very best service of guests it is essential to provide us with the name of the shipping company or the ferry you are coming with. A representative of our company will be waiting for you at the docks to make the delivery, help you with your luggage and give you directions.

The dropping off your Car Rental Heraklion Port is also simple. Inside the port of Heraklion there are several parking areas (payable). Next to each parking area there is a Short Term Parking area which you can enter for free. The procedure is simple, a representative of our company meets guest delivers at the Short Term Parking area to collect the car.

Heraklion Port

Is protected by a private security company with "eyes" at each parking area. In combination with the frequent patrols of the Port Police car drop off at the parking zones is completely safe and there is no risk for guest for leaving the car unlocked.

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