Rental Tips

Because you matter to us!

• Gas stations in Crete

Cretans are in love with driving. As a result the island is full of gas stations, so full that gas stations are everywhere. Nevertheless our advice is always load gas inside a major city. Even though the fuel prices are similar almost everywhere on the island, they are little cheaper inside the cities, might be only for a few cents but cheaper. The name of the oil company that the gas station represents is not important. In Crete you will find high quality fuel of all kinds which you can pay either by cash or credit card as all gas stations accepts. Moreover gas stations in Crete are not self service in accordance with the rest of the world. An employee will come to you, ask you how much gasoline/diesel you want to load and will do it for you. They also have the obligation to check your tires pressure and clean your windscreens if you ask them. And all this without even coming out of your car.

• Parking in the city with a rental car
Parking in the cities of Crete always was and will always be a problem. Thousands of cars narrow streets and little space to move and park. Prefer to pay a small amount for entering in one of the many parking spaces inside the city (the cost for parking in Crete is about 4€ daily) than getting a parking ticket of 80€ or even worse finding your car damaged.

• In case of accident with your rental car
In case of accident where a third party is involved and no mater whose fault is always call the police. The 3 digit free call number of police is 100. Polices job in an accident where nobody is injured is to record what happened based on what they saw and the statements of the drivers and not to pinpoint the driver responsible. This task is upon the insurance companies to decide. Do not hesitate to call the police. Your rental cars are fully insured and if you haven’t violate a red traffic light or driving drunk there is nothing to worry about. After the accident report is filled and signed by driver’s statements and facts cannot change.

Warning: Never accept paying for property or car damage you caused directly to the third party without informing the rental company or police. Our experience in the field has taught us that you will cause more problems rather than solving them.

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