Fleet Management System

Safety always comes first

In the effort to upgrade our services regarding the safety of visitors and vehicles to avoid cases of theft, misappropriation, and misuse of the fleet we decided to install a tracking and telemetry fleet management system in our vehicles.

The system will operate on a 24-hour basis and will provide data such as the location of the vehicle in the event of a breakdown, the status of various car systems, the speed of movement, etc.

It is not related to the use of personal data, because the GPS devices installed in the vehicles are used to protect against theft, find the vehicle and comply with the terms of the rental agreement. The recording does not refer to a specific customer but is continuous and does not include video or audio recording.

This will help us to protect our customers from the theft of the rental car, the immediate response in case of damage or accident as well as to avoid the unpleasant consequences for all of us from misuse of the fleet, the violation of the rental terms and the corresponding attribution of responsibilities.

As stated in the rental conditions, off-road movement of our vehicles is not allowed. In this case, all insurances cease to be valid, and the lessee is responsible for all the damage (tire damage, damage to the body, damage to the lower part of the vehicle) that may be caused.

The system will therefore inform us if the tenant enters an area that is not covered by insurance and we in turn will notify the tenant so that he stops his journey, to protect him from causing material and financial damage. SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!

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