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Matala is a small fishing village in Crete which is located 70Kms South from the capital Heraklion. Is a very popoular destination for tourists and locals due to its famous sandy beach.

Matala bacame famous in the decades of '60s and 70s were Hippies occupied the artificial Neolithic caves that are on the rocks around the beach.

Since 2011 in the end of June is organized the famous Matala Beach Festival, where artists from all over the world together with the thousands of visitors gathering in the area celebrate "peace" and "love" in a weekend full of music. Starting Friday evening and ending Sunday evening with the "Grand Concert" Matala Beach Festival became so popular that more than 80.000 music fans visit the area during that weekend.

During festival almost all rental cars Heraklion, hotels, rooms to let and any kind of shelter in Matala and the surrounding area are sold out due to the large number of visitors.

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