Dominates at the western part of Crete


Gramvousa dominates at the western part of Crete and specifically at Kissamos Gulf in Chania. Even if it is a full day program with a Car Rental Crete it certainly worth the trouble. Gramvousa is a primitive uninhabited area with fantastic view, places to visit, and incredible beaches to swim.

The landscape is unique. Access is not very easy but definitely worth to pay a visit because is a virgin place that escaped the influences of tourism. The two islets visible in the middle of Cretan Sea give the landscape its final touch. These small islands played an important role during the revolution

against Ottoman rule. Specifically, one of the islands known as Imeri (“placid”) Gramvousa or Agios Nikolaos (because of the small church built in memory of the Saint ) was used by the Venetians, who knew how to protect themselves from the enemy and built a fort from which to observe the area.

The other islet, Agria (“wild”) Gramvousa is further north. Its name is due to a combination of very strong winds and steep cliffs. According to Greek mythology, this island belonged to Eolos (the god of winds) and Homer describes in the Odyssey that is “surrounded by an impenetrable copper wall”.

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