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Smart For Two 1.0 Automatic
Thumb Ag 11smart Int Thumb 2007 Smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive Interior 1280x960 Thumb 2011 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe Trunk
Smart For Two 1.0 Automatic Group T, GO Cars

Daimler - Benz heavy industries produced a car that can be described by one only word. "Smart" Smart in size, smart in equipment, and even smarter in fuel consumption, the designers of this car can be proud of making the perfect city car a reality. Smart owners can easily park where everyone else wouldn't even think of trying.
More than one million Smart cars were sold through the last ten years, and that leads us to the conclusion that people knows better.
Despite the Lilliputian size we find the Smart surprisingly comfortable. The interior is much roomier than it might appear from outside, especially the passenger's seat.
Even in high speed Smart is stable and safety is at the core of the Fortwo design. The engine is in the rear of the car to increase front crumple-zone space, and the car is built around a cage of high-strength steel known as the Tridion safety cell.
The equipment consists of hydraulic steering, power doors and electrical windows, air condition, ESP with EBD and of course ABS.
Smart is the smartest rent a car solution for visitors accommodating in urban centers, small islands, guests that want to explore large tourist areas with the lowest possible cost since you can move in a highway as easy as moving inside a city. Still thinking of it..?

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