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Fiat Panda 1.0 or Similar
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Fiat Panda 1.0 or Similar Group B, GO Cars

With its name reminding me of the protected by WWF species of bear, Panda is the Italians firm best seller for over twenty years.
Widely used in tourist business and especially in rent a car this small car with its look referring to a small SUV is used almost since the beginning. The reasons are simple, small in size, reliable and easy to drive, low fuel consumption are the main of them.
The interior is dominated by comfort and simplicity. With its seats that can easily accommodate four adults, a small luggage space and the equipment to be consisted of the basic instruments is a car that will not cause you trouble or headache!
Rent a car Crete like Fiat Panda and you will enjoy your vacation in safety and low cost. I dare to say that Panda is so easy to drive that reminds me more of video game than a car. Even if it isn't famous for its high performance it is enjoyable and fun driving like a video game.
As I said in the beginning even if its name is referring to some kind of bear under extinction its fuel consumption is maintained in quite low level, ideal for long rides during your vacation.
Concluding I believe that Panda is the charismatic model of the Italian firm, small sized, comfortable, fun to drive and with no frills motoring.

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