Why Go Crete?

 Full of astonishing landscapes and continuously changing natural pattern the discovery of the Cretan land “Krissa Gi” among the four seasons gets never boring. Guests have the opportunity to experience the nature, history and cultural richness of the island, while they can enjoy the high quality tourism services. In the following articles we will try to explain Why Crete and rent a car Crete is the ideal destination.


  • Cretan Climate

    Cretan Climate

    Crete has the best climate in the world, with almost 300 days of sunshine each year is the sunniest island
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  • Cretan Nutrition

    Cretan Nutrition

    Cretan nutrition is famous all over the world. Sources in Minoan Crete and is an important element of the cultural
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  • Cretan Beaches

    Cretan Beaches

    The coastline of Crete is 1046km long with popular fully organized areas and also isolated scenic and pristine areas. The
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  • Cretan Land

    Cretan Land

    Nature has given the Cretan landscape its best gifts. Monuments standing here, carved in time, recounting events among centuries. The
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  • Cretan Hospitality

    Cretan Hospitality

    Cretans are world known for their hospitality, culture and the way that treat guests. Since the first moment they make
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  • Cretan Hotels & Resorts

    Cretan Hotels & Resorts

    Crete is among the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. The touristic infrastructure of the island can satisfy all preferences.
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  • Ancient Crete

    Ancient Crete

    Being isolated in South Greece at the crossroads of three continents Crete created and maintained a great local culture while
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  • Cretan Alternative Tourism

    Cretan Alternative Tourism

    Alternative tourism Crete intends to make visitors feel like home, familiarizing with the local values, landscapes, flavors, songs, dance, painting
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  • Travelling Crete

    Travelling Crete

    It is often said that Crete is a whole continent and not just an island! And why disagree with that,
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