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Lassithi Plateau and Zeus Cave


Rent a Car Heraklion Port and spend a day in Lassithi Plateau. Lassithi Plateau is the largest plain in Crete. An area of 25,000 square kilometers surrounded by the Lassithiotika Mountains. Hundreds of white windmills used for irrigation lie as relics of the past and compose landscape of the fertile plateau.
Lassithi Plateau is the highest inhabited plateau in Greece. A visit to this beautiful mountain region should include stops at villages Krasi with a giant plane tree in the square which is considered to be the oldest tree in Crete with age 2400 years, and in Mohos, where the church of the Virgin Mary has byzantine icons and murals.
The impressive Dikteon Andro (Psichro Cave), the mythical birthplace cave of Zeus, located at an altitude of 1025m, west of the village Psichro. The cave is accessed by a narrow entrance after a 20 minute walk up a steep path, entering the interior of the cave follows a steep descent of 60 meters ending in an underground pool and several rooms with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.