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Cretan Alternative Tourism

Alternative tourism Crete intends to make visitors feel like home, familiarizing with the local values, landscapes, flavors, songs, dance, painting and creating. Alternative tourism refers to those seeking a different kind of vacation, which is connected with the protection of local culture, protection of the natural environment and to avoid the use of services organized mass tourism.
The rich natural and cultural environment of Crete and the perfect combination of mountain and sea have contributed to the creation of structures for sports tourism, agro tourism, ecotourism, cultural, historical, religious tourism, culinary, underwater tourism, winter tourism, conference, speleological tourism, mountaineering, cruise tourism, etc. can come true by a car hire Crete
Free diving along gorgeous bottoms offered by hotels and clubs. The European path E4 Alpine runs almost all the mountains of the island, with trails that offer thrills for nature lovers and hiking.