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Cretan Land

Nature has given the Cretan landscape its best gifts. Monuments standing here, carved in time, recounting events among centuries. The changes in landscape are impressive!!
This island is blessed with an excellent mix of landscapes. Snowy mountains, canyons, caves, hills, valleys, plains, countless citrus trees and olive groves, rivers, lakes, natural and artificial ports and endless kilometres of coastline.
Full of traditional mountain villages, excursions in the Cretan mountains is a unique experience all year long.
The north coast of the island characterised by large bays, many kilometres of beaches and largest natural port of Souda, while the southern coast of the island located in the Libyan Sea has smaller beaches and coves, caves and small ports.
Crete is the land of contrasts and satisfaction where the western side enclosed by olive and citrus trees, alternating with plateaus and the east side with the vast expanse Palms. The beauty of the natural environment provides guests motivation to explore the island and discover its treasures regarding art, culture, gastronomy, hospitality, traditions.